Young man who disguised as a lady to secure job exposed after his ‘fake big [email protected]’ fell off at work (Video)

Young man who disguised as a lady to secure job exposed after his ‘fake nyash’ fell off at work (Video)

A man who had purported to be a woman to get a job as a home help has been challenged when it was learned that he was actually a man.

While doing his nanny responsibilities at his employer’s home, he was made public after the false breast he was wearing came off.

In a viral video, the young guy is shown being questioned by his employer in front of his pals while being instructed to put the fake breast on the ground.

Ajah in Lagos state is where the event is said to have taken place.

He marketed himself as a busty lady in order to land the job, the insider said, and did it with the aid of an agency.

On social media, there was also a picture of him costumed as a lady with large breasts.

He acknowledged that he had pretended to be a woman and given his name as Destiny, but he said that his disguise had been motivated by his need for assistance.

In reaction, IG user, teeh_lyfstyle wrote; And he no even start with small size Na bazoka he start with 😂😂😂

vitamin_tomi; Does he have other intentions or desperate to secure a job ?🤦🏼

xander_bridge; He was that desperate to have a job? He should be helped

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