“Xmas don reach:” Lady sees man who deleted her number, gives him her phone number again

"Xmas don reach:" Lady sees man who deleted her number, gives him her phone number again

An account of what transpired on Twitter comes from a person who collected a woman’s phone number but did not call her.

Ola of Shomolu, who stated that he had removed the phone number, posted the intriguing story on Thursday, December 15.

Ola said that while he had obtained the woman’s contact information in Akure, he subsequently chose against continuing to pursue her because of a lack of interest.

But when he saw her again the next day, she questioned him about why he hadn’t called.

He continued, explaining his decision to erase the number:

“I felt it wasn’t worth it. Fortunately we met the next day and this babe legit asked me why I didn’t call her again later that night as promised but I told her I couldn’t find the number that I forgot to save it then this girl gave me the number again. omo I just weak.”

Twitter users, however, saw this as indicating that she could seek to bill Ola for Christmas.

Some people just stated that the girl is a good girl because of which she is trying so hard not to worry Ola.

See the complete account below:

Reactions from Twitter users

@phveektordrayne said:

“Good babe no dey stress man, if she stress you just get her to bed and free her later so your effort no go waste.”

@btloaded123 said:

“December dan reach comrade wake-up.”

@f8tality_ said:

“December bone straight won’t buy itself bro. Call that girl today and fix things up.”

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