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Wife dies in auto crash while pursuing husband, side chick



Wife dies in auto crash while pursuing husband, side chick

On Sunday evening in Calabar, a woman, whose identity is unknown, was involved in a horrific car accident while reportedly chasing her husband on the highway. The lady died a few minutes after she was taken to the hospital, according to reports. According to witnesses, the lady saw her husband with another woman, whom she believed was dating her hubby, at SPAR Calabar Shopping Mall and decided to follow them…………  READ FULL ARTICLE

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She crashed off the road a few minutes later in an attempt to overtake and doublecross them on the road. An eyewitness explained that the lady saw her spouse with another woman in the car at Spar and decided to follow them. The woman became aggressive and sped up after her husband saw her car and zoomed away.

“I was driving behind them and saw her crash her car in an accident in less than three minutes.” She was unconscious when she died. The husband who was running abruptly dropped the lady with him and immediately rushed to assist in reviving her from the vehicle. She was taken to the hospital. We hope she survives.”

The lady was later reported dead as a result of the injuries she sustained in the crash. Maikano Hassan, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), reported the incident to Vanguard. He claimed that overspeeding was to blame for the incident.

The incident elicited a slew of reactions on social media platforms, with many women blaming the husband for the wife’s sudden, unexpected, and avoidable death.

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