“Why I use Portable and not Buju as a case study to train Rema, Ayra Starr” – Don Jazzy reveals (Video)

“Why I use Portable and not Buju as a case study to train Rema, Ayra Starr” - Don Jazzy reveals (Video)

Don Jazzy, a music mogul, has disclosed that he trains his performers instead of Buju using the controversial singer Portable.

The Mavins founder said in an interview with Joey Akan that Portable, despite his brilliance, doesn’t receive the same press as Portable due to his problematic lifestyle.

He cited the fact that Buju is still having trouble gaining fans while Portable, who has been in the spotlight for a year, already has a million Instagram followers.

Digitally speaking, he continued by saying that algorithms will continue to prefer Portable above Buju because he keeps people amused.

The well-known music entrepreneur claimed that he still drills the idea into the minds of his artists, including Rema and Ayra Starr, to adopt Portable’s approach.

In essence, he instructs his signees to always garner attention rather than pursue prestige.

The future? This may be the reason Ayra Starr enjoys garnering attention for her scant attire.

It makes sense why the adage “no publicity, whether favorable or negative, is worthless” exists.

“When someone like Zazuu came out, I was checking out some celebrities on social media.

Buju is talented but because Zazuu is entertaining and God really favored him, and with the help of celebrities, he got to be in the spotlight. And he was like, I am not going anywhere.

I use him as an example to my artistes, if you sit down and be forming algorithm will leave you and go to where is pumping. Algorithm goes to where the attention is”.

We hope Don Jazzy’s comparison doesn’t create beef with Portable and Buju.

Despite the fact that Zazuu is entertaining, God truly pleased him, and with the assistance of famous people, he was able to shine despite Buju’s brilliance. I am not going anywhere, he declared.

I use him as an illustration for my artists, telling them that if they sit down and start constructing algorithms, they will abandon them and go where the blood is pumping. The algorithm follows the attention.

We hope that Portable and Buju won’t take offense to Don Jazzy’s comments.

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