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Watch behind the scene of Extraction 2 (Video)



Watch behind the scene of Extraction 2 (Video)

‘Extraction 2’ arrives next year on Netflix

Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2 by 1

With Netflix’s TUDUM Event in full swing, a lot of news, updates, and reveals for projects coming from the streaming giant have been hitting the airways. One such project that just got some new content is Extraction 2. The sequel Chris Hemsworth-starring high-octane action film from 2020 has received a new featurette going behind the scenes to explore the explosive action sequences of the film.

The featurette with a voice-over from Tyler Rake, Hemsworth’s character, as we see the process of getting some of the most explosive and unique shots from the film. “There is a moment where you say to yourself, ‘It can’t be done.’ But instead of backing down, you push yourself forward into the unknown. This starts a montage of some of the different locations and scenarios that we will be seeing Hemsworth battling his way through. From an armored train to prison riot in the dead of night, both being in a snow-laden setting. The featurette draws attention to this new icy look as it juxtaposes the bright and warm setting of the first film with the dark and cold feeling of the sequel. Film director Sam Hargrave also appears, saying that the film will up the ante from its predecessor. “With a title of ‘2’ behind your name, you need to bring twice the action.” He also explains how they are going to have much more ambitious and intricate sequences than before, referencing an oner, or sequence that is one continuous take, from the first film that they are going to do again with an even more exciting set-up than before. He also mentions that they landed a helicopter on a moving train, so that’s cool!

While we did get a look at some of the behind-the-scenes process that goes into the action that we will get to see in the upcoming film, the finer details of the plot around Extraction 2 are still being kept heavily under wraps. The new featurette comes just a few months following the announcement of Extraction 2‘s release window. While the film does not yet have a set in stone release date, it was revealed back in late July of this year that Extraction 2 is set for a 2023 release on Netflix.

Image via Netflix

Extraction is based on Ande Parks‘ graphic novel Ciudad from 2014. Netflix’s film adaptation from 2020 saw Hemsworth play Tyler Rake, a former Australian special forces operator turned mercenary that is tasked with saving the son of a crime lord who is kidnapped. Hargrave, who made his feature film directorial debut with the first film and Joe Russo will once again pen the script. Joe and his brother Anthony Russo will also be producing the film through their AGBO production company. Hemsworth will also serve as a producer while also starring in the film.

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