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VIDEO: ‘Why I Am Not Married And Not Settling For Less’ – Actress, Genevive Nnaji Opens Up



VIDEO: ‘Why I Am Not Married And Not Settling For Less’ – Actress, Genevive Nnaji Opens Up

Famous Nollywood thespian, Genevive Nnaji is one of the most successful actresses in the Nigerian movie industry and Africa by a stretch…‘Read full article’

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It was an eruption of excitement following the news of her possible return to Nollywood after four years break earlier today…‘Read full article’

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However, the 43-year-old has never been married for once and there are numerous publications detailing her reason for choosing to not getting married. Turns out none of these pieces hold water as they can’t be traced to any Genevive’s comment over the subject.

We stumbled upon a 2014 interview by top media personality Olisa Adibua.

In the interview called “The Truth about Genevive | THE TRUTH Episode 7″ with Olisa, Genevive revealed probably the most she has ever spoken about her dating life and what she wants from a relationship or a man.

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A little excerpt from the interview reads:

Olisa: Are you currently dating? Are you thinking of settling down at some point?”

Genevive: I am, I think everybody is prioritizing and so am I. I mean really, it’s not like I don’t want to settle down or anything but I don’t want to settle DOWN, that’s not it. I want somebody and until I find that person there’s no thought of me settling down.

Olisa: But why is it so hard? Is it that you’re looking for —

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Genevive: I’m not looking. I’m a woman, we’re not allowed to look. Are we supposed to look?

Olisa: Okay your ideal guy, what are you looking for in a guy?

Genevive: Okay, I’m not gonna BS right. I’m not that person who eats with her eyes. Like I need to be attracted to you, definitely. BUT at the end of the day, it’s your mind that I’m going to fall in love with so there’s something that draws me to you and something that keeps me. So I think I’m probably looking for a friend, for somebody who shares a like-mind, and somebody who is confident. That’s really it.

Watch the video below…

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