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VIDEO: “To Be Honest, I Can’t Wait To Be Intimate With You” — Bella Tells Sheggz



"To Be Honest, I Can't Wait To Be Intimate With You" —Bella Tells Sheggz (Video)

Sheggz informed Bella that they would be gone for four weeks and that she would receive something from him a little while ago after they had resolved their conflict in their relationship.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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Sheggz and Bella got into a fight in the bathroom on Sunday. Following Sheggz’s affirmative response to Bella’s question about seeing his ex-girlfriend again, things between the couple became tense.  READ FULL ARTICLE

Sheggz criticizes Bella for being too impolite and claims that because she asks foolish questions, she should expect stupid responses.

However, following the reunion, Bella expresses to Sheggz her eagerness to obtain it. “I’ll be honest, I’m eager. That we have always fought is understandable. There is a need in the body, “She stated.

Bella explained to Sheggz that their arguments and misunderstandings were caused by the fact that they were not intimate with one another.

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