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VIDEO: Meet Khaby Lame, the 22yr old boy that makes billions of dollars on Tiktok, richer than most presidents



VIDEO: Meet Khaby Lame, the 22yr old boy that makes billions of dollars on Tiktok, richer than most presidents

When it comes to simple life hacks and fact-checking on social media, please give it up to this 22-year-old Senegalese…………  READ FULL ARTICLE

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His hilarious ways of solving life’s simplest tasks have amassed him a whooping 149.5 million on the video-sharing social media platform, TikTok, ditto Instagram.

TikTok, Khabi Lame
Khabi Lame is the most followed person TikTok Credit: Juventus FC / Contributor Source: Getty Images

The darling of brands

With that massive following, he is the most sought-after by big brands and earns a lot of money per post due to his success, an Independent report says, citing Fortune.

With his vast following, everyone loves Lame’s simple ways of solving complicated issues on social media. With his facial expressions, shrugs and hand gestures, he hilariously shows people how to solve problems.

He was born in Senegal and moved to Italy in 2001 with his parents and three siblings.

His social media career started after losing his factory job during the COVID-19 pandemic. After that, he made TikTok videos and started amassing followers with his entertainment videos.

Lame’s income has also been racking up. However, his Manager, Alessandro Riggio, revealed that Lame’s intention was not money and that he is way on his way to making about $10 million this year from his videos.

Fortune said everyone could access Lame’s funny videos as he does not talk in his videos, and his style is understood worldwide. And this has made him an ideal reach for big brands which pay him big money for deals.

Huge fortune from big huge firms

According to the publication, Hugo Boss, a fashion brand, recently paid him $450,000 to walk in their Milan Fashion Week show with one TikTok video to go with it.

A Hollywood studio also paid him $750,000 for one TikTok video, a contract shows.

Riggio said Lame was poor, did not know how much he had in the bank, and did not care.

Lame says he likes making people laugh and loves his family and company.

The social media star says he hopes to hit the big screen soon and revealed that he would like to star alongside his screen Idol, Will Smith, in a film.

He began to crush on Will Smith after he watched his comedy show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

It has created a new generation of digital natives and nomads who have converted their TikTok accounts into lucrative empires.

Users do not need millions of followers to start earning money on the platform. There are numerous ways users can make money from the app, from utilizing in-built monetization features to being a part of promotional campaigns for brands and music marketers.

@khaby.lame It wasn’t what I expected#learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

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