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“Unique princess”: Girl whose eye colour is like that of a tiger shines in video



"Unique princess": Girl whose eye colour is like that of a tiger shines in video

A cute little girl has gone viral on social media after her mother shared a video showcasing her rare pair of eyes…………  READ FULL ARTICLE 

The colour of her eyes are so rare and captivating, that one would think the baby is wearing a contact lens.

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The girl was seen in a video posted on TikTok by @heyy..cheryl who calls the pretty kid an African princess.

TikTokers have swooped on the short clip as they are stunned by the girl’s eye colour.

Dressed up in Tiger colours

Before the girl was recorded, she was dressed up in a wrapper which had stripes like that of a tiger. Her headgear was also made of the same fabric.

When the mum was asked how she reacted after finding out the uniqueness of her daughter’s eyes, she said:

“It was really sweet.”

Watch the video below:

@heyy..cheryl African Princess #babiesoftiktok #sapphireeyes #africanbaby #liberia #uganda #fyp ♬ Buga (Lo Lo Lo) – Kizz Daniel & Tekno

TikTokers react to video of baby with beautiful pair of eyes

@Alzubra said:

“Can already hear people asking her if they are contacts.”

@novasexton10 commented:

“She definitely is a princess I love her eyes there just lovely, what was your reaction to her eyes when first found out?”

@Nadia knestrick said:

“I don’t know why everyone is so shocked about her having blue eyes, both me and my brother had blue eyes as a baby and we are Asian.”

@Noelle Bazile said:

“She is quite literally one of the most stunning babies I’ve ever seen.”

@Adi.minako commented:

“Aww she is pretty and look like my little sister she is almost 2 years old but they look a bit the same.”

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