‘TikTok’ Star Cooper Noriega’s Official Cause Of Death: Fentanyl, Xanax Overdose

'TikTok' Star Cooper Noriega's Official Cause Of Death: Fentanyl, Xanax Overdose

The official cause of death for “TikTok” actor Cooper Noriega has recently been revealed to be a Fentanyl, Xanax, and Ativan overdose.

The 19-year-old social media user passed away from a fatal mix of the three substances, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. He passed away as a result of the “combined effects of alprazolam, fentanyl, and lorazepam,” according to the investigators, who declared the death a “accident.”

Two of the compounds are identified as being a class of drugs known as “anxiety disorders and panic disorders” prescription drugs. Both are categorized as benzodiazepines, which are medications that reduce “abnormal excitation in the brain.”

Cooper Noriega Died After Overdosing On Fentanyl, Xanax, And Ativan

'TikTok' Star Cooper Noriega's Official Cause Of Death: Fentanyl, Xanax Overdose

Sadly, the Coroner’s office reports that “recent clonazepam use” is another serious ailment that the coroner’s office thinks contributed to the man’s death.

Certain forms of seizures and panic disorders are both treated with the drug clonazepam. The brand name of the product is Klonopin.

Clearly, the young ‘TikTok’ star was having drug and alcohol problems in the days before his tragic passing.

As previously said, the social media sensation passed away on June 12, 2022, when a bystander discovered him unresponsive in a shopping center parking lot outside of Los Angeles. When paramedics arrived on the scene at that time, they were unable to resuscitate him. Unbelievably, Cooper posted a photo of himself in bed with the message, “anyone else b thinking they gon’ d!€ young af,” only hours before he passed away.

‘TikTok’ Star Cooper Noriega Struggling With Substance Abuse In Weeks Before Death

'TikTok' Star Cooper Noriega's Official Cause Of Death: Fentanyl, Xanax Overdose

On social media, Noriega is incredibly popular, with 1.77 million followers on TikTok and millions more on Instagram.

Following Cooper’s untimely passing, Cooper’s family said in a statement, “Hello everyone. We want to thank you everyone for your nice comments regarding our tiny coop on behalf of our family. His death is an utter sorrow for our family and friends. We hope that as a community, we can uphold his legacy. Each and every one of you was loved by him. Reach out to us at any time; we appreciate all of the support. Bless you all, my sister, with my love.

The day before he passed away, Cooper posted a message encouraging people to visit a “safe area where individuals may vent and aid others through their bad times,” as several of his fans noted.

Cooper Noriega Describes Addiction Issues From The Shocking Early Age Of 9

'TikTok' Star Cooper Noriega's Official Cause Of Death: Fentanyl, Xanax Overdose

He wrote, “I’ve been struggling with addiction since I was 9 years old, you may think that’s crazy but that’s the life I’ve been dealt. I would like to use the influence I’ve been given to create a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness.”

Adding, “One of the many things I’ve learned while struggling with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people will only bring you down,” describing how he wanted to open a rehab facility for patients who “aren’t traumatized” after their time in the facility.


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