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“This one na Dangote cement” – Video of lady’s heavy makeup goes viral



"This one na Dangote cement" - Video of lady's heavy makeup goes viral

Social media users have been cracking up with laughter after a video of a lady getting a face beat surfaced on the internet………   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Just like every other aspect of art, proportion is key when applying makeup.

Well, it appears this makeup artist forgot all about that as she went to work on a client’s face.

In the video posted by entertainment blogger, Tunde Ednut, the lady can be seen sitting while a makeup artist piles on a shade of foundation brighter than her skin tone.

With thick lashes, a pronounced set of brows and a bold eye shadow, the result sees the client sporting a rather loud look that was nowhere flattering as intended.

Check out the video below:

Internet users react to lady’s loud makeup


“This one na ojuju calabar.”


“This one Na Dangote cement oh no.”


“I’m trying to unsee this!! Is a lie!”


“This makeup go paint a whole building.”


“On this foundation I will build my church … I don forget where dem talk am for bible.”


“Makeup artist of the federal republic.”


“This what they call ekunkun be careful nah express you dey go Goddu abeg ooo , I’ve a friend that does it cheaper.”

Scrolling through Instagram, it may seem like every fashionista has mastered the art of slaying flawless makeup looks.

Knowing that you’re nowhere near perfect when it comes to glamming up can be a daunting feeling, but it doesn’t have to be so, especially if you’re a dark-skinned woman.



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