“This kind Black no beautiful oh!”: People react as Pretty lady flaunts her unique skin in viral video

A stunning black woman named Tabisa26 has asked online users for help about her unusual and rare skin tone.

People were astonished when Tabisa26 displayed her extremely dark-looking face and physique in a brief film.

Although Tabisa26 said she had just moisturized her skin before filming the video, several internet users weren’t pleased with the way her face appeared.

Others just found it hard to believe and chose to laugh it off, despite the fact that some people stated her skin generated too much melanin.

However, Tabisa26 claims she needs a skin remedy and posted a video on TikTok asking physicians to leave their recommendations in the comments area.

Tabisa’s video stuns netizens
@itsavians45 said:

“Plz is this ur natural colour or something happened to ya face?”
@trustakkie stated:

“Who is like me immediately running to coments.”
@netshitavhadulujt reacted:

“Cheers to us who saw this video and immediately ran to the comments section.”
@user6487566351618 remarked:

“This is what we call pure melanin. Keep it like that darling.”
@atis_joy asked:

“Why are people lying here. Okay you look pretty.”
@liljewelloatman stated:

@nozithelomagadlela1 added:

“Wow I never seen such a unique beautiful skin babes.”
@kathyyoung686 said:

“Don’t need Make up build in beauty. But you are not to dark make up comes in all shades you’re blessed you don’t need it.”
@michael.phils_lips said:

“I’m taking a dump, and I’m taking my socks off. Boys, pray for me. I’ll see you on the other side.”
Watch the video below:

@tabisa26please only tiktok doctors to say something 🙏 #viral #canada #bc #momsoftiktok #momlife #melaninpoppin #me #love #lol

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