Things You Should Know About Nollywood Actress Obio Oluebube Cynthia (Video)

Things You Should Know About Nollywood Actress Obio Oluebube Cynthia (Video)

Obio Oluebube Cynthia, a Nollywood actress, is one of Nigeria’s emerging stars and is just three years removed from her film debut before she becomes well-known worldwide.

People frequently mistake her little frame for still being a child, but anytime she receives the toddler pass, her temperament and behavior make it clear that she is not.

Ebube is slated to make a splash on the Nollywood screen as one of the excellent petite actors, similar to how the popular Aki and Pawpaw from the previous generation did. One can only hope that she would eventually meet the right partner to complete the Aki na Ukwa package of her era. It’s also important to understand that one of her ambitions is to work with Regina Daniels and seasoned Nollywood actors.

She recently co-starred in a film with fast-rising Nigerian actress and comedian Enorense Victory, better known by her stage name Kiriku. Both Kate and Abel and Stubborn Twins have already featured them.

You might find the following brief facts about Obio Oluebube Cynthia intriguing if you’re a fan:

  1. Obi0 Oluebube was born on August 12, 2004, and on August 12, 2022, she turned 18 years old.
  2. Obio Oluebube is from Okija, a tiny village in the Anambra state’s Ihiala Local Government area.
  3. In 2020, she graduated from Summer International School with a secondary education.
  4. Despite being only 3 feet tall, Cynthia thinks she is a giant. Can you outperform that?
  5. She started her Nollywood career in August 2020. She had hoped to join earlier, but her studies stood in the way.
  6. @Oluebube.obio is her official Instagram handle.

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