‘The Bachelorette’ alum Tayshia Adams explains why she never publicly addressed Zac Clark split

'The Bachelorette' alum Tayshia Adams reveals why she never publicly addressed Zac Clark split

Tayshia Adams, a former contestant on The Bachelorette, has addressed why she never publicly shared the reasons behind her separation with Zac Clark.

While the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette was being filmed in August 2020, Tayshia proposed to Zac. The pair announced their separation over a year after the series conclusion of the show, in December 2020.

Tayshia said to Kaitlyn Bristowe that she was “heartbroken” and that the end of her relationship was “very terrible” and “extremely heavy” for her when she co-hosted The Bachelorette’s 18th season with Michelle Young and stories of her separation with Zac were already public.

But when the pair startled fans by breaking off their engagement and ending their romance, Tayshia only sometimes spoke to the media.

Tayshia, 32, told Us Weekly on Wednesday, “He and I both know the truth and where we are, and I’ve really never said anything in the public about our relationship other than the fact that we’re no longer together.”

And although some individuals might believe differently, that is the only statement we have ever made.

Tayshia said that she and Zac had taken the choice to respect one another and keep the specifics of their breakup under wraps.

Tayshia said, “I believe that’s simply something about maturity and how we decided to continue. And really, nothing more is ultimately necessary for anybody else to know.

As a result, Tayshia jokingly said that she will “keep being me” despite the curiosity from her admirers.

Tayshia claimed that staying true to oneself is the most important thing she has learned from participating in The Bachelor series.

Tayshia said, “And I feel like I did that.

I’m incredibly proud of it, and I believe that some people get caught up in the chaos of everything. I believe the greatest course of action is to simply be yourself.

“And I believe that because of that, all of these things have appeared, and when you are true to yourself, they just sort of find you. I believe that remaining grounded and being really grateful for everything is my biggest lesson.”

Tayshia has refrained from discussing Zac personally, although she hinted in May that she didn’t think he was right for her.

“I still want marriage and to start a family more than anything,” Tayshia insisted in response to a troll’s criticism that she was prioritizing her career over marriage. “[I’m] waiting to be in a healthy supportive relationship while simultaneously being a successful woman; a cohesive unit, not one or the other.”

Added she, “I want to create my own empire, pursue my goals, and I want my partner to support me while I do so while also pursuing their own aspirations. I desire a partnership where we support one another. All of that remains the same.”

Maybe commend me for not settling, remaining true to myself, pursuing my aspirations, and improving myself in the meantime to be the greatest version of myself for the right person, Tayshia said.

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