Susan Pwajok (Blessing) Finally Talks About Why She Left “The Johnsons”

Susan Pwajok (Blessing) Finally Talks About Why She Left "The Johnsons"

The Johnsons, a long-running family sitcom on Africa Magic, has been broadcast there since 2012. The Johnsons, a middle-class family, are the focus of the narrative as they struggle to live in Lagos and gradually rise to prosperity. It also underlined the family’s distinctiveness and drama by using harsh sarcasm.

Heavy hitters Charles Inojie as Mr. Lucky Johnson, Ada Ameh as Mrs. Emu Johnson, Chinedu Ikedezie as Efetobore Johnson, and Susan Pwajok as the enduring figure Blessing are featured.

Actress Susan Pwajok is now stepping out to openly explain why she quit the program after spending many years there and portraying only this one role, Blessing. Many theories, stories, and reflections have been made about the reasons behind her departure.

Here is what Susan Pwajok had to say about leaving “The Johnsons” in her own words.

It therefore came as a surprise to many people when they started to see Susan growing up in front of their eyes after years of people just knowing her as Blessing, the young girl from The Johnsons. Susan has grown much since she first appeared on The Johnsons as a little child. Her physique has altered as a result of maturation and puberty, but her attitude and sense of style have also changed throughout time.

People claimed that she departed the program because she “become wayward” and “snubby” after viewing fresh images of her. Others have hypothesized that she no longer fit the show’s style due of the way she currently appears.

After hearing and reading about all these rumors, one Instagram user went to Susan’s Instagram story to pose a straight question during a Q&A session, writing:

“Y aren’t you acting “The Johnsons” again? M no longer seeing you abii you don dey form Big thug girls?“

Responding to the user’s questions, Susan responded to the fan saying:

you quws (your question) was making sense till you decided to spoil it. However, i’m not on the johnsons rn (right now) for personal reasons and i’ll appreciate it if you stop assuming different things, dw (don’t worry) i’ll be back on your screens in a bit

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