‘Survivor’ runner-up Cassidy Clark: I was shocked to lose, I think Karla poisoned the jury against me and they’d already decided to vote for Gabler

'Survivor' runner-up Cassidy Clark: I was shocked to lose, I think Karla poisoned the jury against me and they'd already decided to vote for Gabler

43-day runner-up in Survivor Cassidy Clark claims she was surprised when Mike “Gabler” Gabler won the match and that she is confident Karla Cruz Godoy carried out her earlier threat to sway the jury against Cassidy.

Cassidy, Gabler, and Owen Knight all advanced to the Final 3 of Survivor 43, however James Jones, Cassidy’s previous alliance mate, was the only person to vote Cassidy to victory.

With Owen garnering 0 votes during the three-hour finals on Wednesday night on CBS, Gabler was declared the $1 million victor of Survivor in a score of 7-1-0.

“I was quite astonished by the jury’s decision. I just had the impression that I had prepared myself to win. And I believe that even Owen and I were in amazement “According to Cassidy, Entertainment Weekly

“Good for Gabler—clearly, I never want to detract from someone else’s victory. He genuinely came up with that. But I must admit that I was a little taken aback.”

Cassidy claimed that she believes the jury was “upset” with her for attempting to set Gabler, who gained entry to the Final 3 with a quick Survivor record-breaking flame, dis to lose in the fire-making task against Jesse Lopez.

Jesse, who made numerous historically significant plays and claimed he truly needed to win the money for his wife and kids, was undoubtedly the finest player of the season.

Cassidy remarked, “I think they were simply furious that Jesse got out and that I was a significant reason why he got out because I made that decision.

“Because—and I don’t blame them—I believe they all had Jesse winning predetermined in their minds. He was engaging in amazing play.”

Cassidy said the jury was resentful when it said, “They may have been staring at me after [Jesse] left like, “You’re the cause, and you should have done this and that.” only attempting to discredit my victory and the fact that I had the authority to choose whether to include Gabler.”

Cassidy emphasized that she had a significant role in eliminating “the largest threat” from the game, even though Gabler started the fire and won the challenge fairly.

Cassidy said that she was particularly shocked that Gabler received Jeanine Zheng’s vote.

Cassidy explained, “Because Gabler had voted off her closest buddy and so, in a manner, damaged her game as well.

“Additionally, one of the reasons I was hoping for Jeanine’s jury vote was the fact that I failed to write down her name. But there was another reason as well—I didn’t want to send another woman home.”

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