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Somadina, Regina Daniel Ex Boyfriend; What really broke them Apart (Full Details)



Somadina, Regina Daniel Ex Boyfriend; What really broke them Apart (Full Details)

Nigerian Nollywood actress Regina Daniel and ex boyfriend Somadina Adinma has caught eyes of many fans during their days as lovers……………….READ FULL ARTICLE

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Today, we are going to learn more about what really separated Regina and her ex lover Somadina Adinma. But before that, lets dive into Regina and husband, Ned Nwoko life.

Regina Daniels, Somadina and Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniel abandoned her boyfriend, Somadina, to marry her billionaire lover Ned Nwoko in 2019. She was trolled by many internet users for Deciding to spend the rest of her life with the 61 year old Ned Nwoko.

Regina was between the ages of 19-23 when she married the 61-year-old Ned Nwoko in 2019. Ned Nwoko is 61 years as at January 2022. Ned Nwoko was born in December 21st 1960.

In an interview, Regina Daniel was questioned why she broke up with Somadina. The Actress in reply revealed that;

“I think I’m very stubborn and cannot marry someone of my age, my head is down. My Stubbornness cant make me marry a young man but Mr. Ned Nwoko was able to tolerate it and I respect him a lot.”

“I call him baby even though he is old.”

Somadina and Regina Daniels

She further revealed that, Her only worry was what her family will think of her after realizing she wanted to marry Ned Nwoko. For her, What Nigerians will say is her back case.

However, many media house reports indicates that, Somadina and Regina were in a romantic relationship before she married Ned Nwoko.

Well, According to another media house “Within Nigeria”, the two were never in any form of relationship, They are just friends and nothing more.

The source also revealed that, the duo were moving together and spending time together as friends but not dating.

In other news, Somadina came out severally expressing pains concerning Regina Daniels marriage with Ned Nwoko.

Somadina is heartbroken and grieving deep down his heart. Maybe it could be true that Somadina never had any romantic relationship with Regina, but as they say “Actions speaks louder than words.”

Somadina may be admiring Regina Secretly.

Actual facts

From facts gathered by, Regina and Somadina were in a serious relationship before she dumped him to marry her billionaire hubby, Ned Nwoko.

The reason being that, Ned Nwoko has an upper hand over Somadina because of his public exposure, social stature and most of all his net worth.

Regina snubbed Somadina after cross checking and examining how life will be good at the billionaires house.

Regina and Ned Nwoko has a child in 2020. They are currently married and enjoying life at the billionaires mansion.



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