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SLUG – Casual Cruelty 「Audio」



SLUG – Casual Cruelty 「Audio」

SLUG – Casual Cruelty  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

SLUG, the Field Music offshoot headed up by touring bassist Ian Black, have announced a new album, Thy Socialite!, which will be out early next year — it’s the follow-up to 2018’s HiggledyPiggledy.

It’s also the first release for Daylight Saving Records, a new label that was formed by Field Music’s Peter and David Brewis. Black is introducing the album with lead single “Casual Cruelty.”

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“‘Casual Cruelty’ is a song about how we’re all implicit in acts of cruelty now and then, even when we think we’re the ‘goodie,” he explained in a statement. “I started to think about what I could do to challenge my own listeners and what would be my angle without just releasing 40 minutes of generic, bad music.”

Listen below.


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