“She too dey overdo” – Reactions as Destiny Etiko pushes away her adopted daughter, Chinenye from her video

“She too dey overdo” – Reactions as Destiny Etiko pushes adopted daughter, Chinenye away from her video

Cybernauts have responded to a video showing the popular actress Destiny Etiko pushing her adoptive daughter Chinenye Eucharia away from her video.

A scene from the thespian’s birthday celebration appeared to be captured in the film, which featured Destiny Etiko, Lizzy Gold, and other pals gyrating and having a good time.

Chinenye shoved her way in and joined the chanting because she wanted to be a part of the performance. Sadly, the actress shoved her away since it was clear that she did not want to be in the video.

Reacting, netizens faulted Chinenye Eucharia for not knowing her boundaries.

user1235736828792 wrote:
“on a normal,that little girl should know her boundaries, this is big ladies doing,let her go sit down and wait till she is called,she too dey overdo.”

uto🌹nwa❣️💯 wrote:
“De girl too dey overdo … na her daughter no be her mate 😂😂😂.. if na me na knock I go give her😂”

harmless Queen wrote:
“she too dey overdo”

enwereuzoaugustin wrote:
“the girl own too much abeg”

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