See why Benita was chosen by Shank Comics to serve as his girlfriend (Watch Video)

See why Benita was chosen by Shank Comics to serve as his girlfriend (Watch Video)

Shank Comics is one very good comedian that is massively known online. He is so creative that so many of his fans still wonder how he gets his crazy and funny ideas in all his skits.

If you have been watching Shank Comics alot you would have been familiar with the name Benita. Benita is a female character that always portrays as Shank’s girlfriend in almost all his skits.

Shank Comics is so creative that he made up this female character and kept it constant on all his skits, that way it will be more realistic.

Thr character Benita is played by so many Actresses but the most consistent actress who plays this character is @Okusanya_Lolade. She is a great Comedianne, reason why Shank love to use her alot.

Reason why Shank is consistent with the Benita character

The possible reason why he uses that character often is to create a virtual Girlfriend who will always be with him all through his career. Secondly, using different character names will be over saturating to fans and most times would create chaos in their minds while watching.

Shank Comics or who ever gave him the idea to keep one virtual girlfriend consistent is so great in his or her creativity because that idea has grown in the mind of fans to the point that they mostly think Benita is truly the real life Girlfriend of Shank.

Watch few videos where Shank featured Benita:


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