Secondary School Graduate Goes Blind After Fixing Artificial Eyelashes

Secondary School Graduate Goes Blind After Fixing Artificial Eyelashes

A young woman who sought beauty through a variety of techniques ended up in serious problems when she became blind from fitting artificial eyelashes.

An SHS graduate who is 24 years old is experiencing nothing but sorrow and misery as she rapidly loses her sight as a result of constant eyelash maintenance.

Maame Esi, who lives with her brother Paa Yaw in the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region and works as a hairdresser, is said to have constantly fixed her eyelashes ever since she finished her secondary education, according to a report by Bryt FM Ghana. Maame Esi is known for doing this.

Despite several cautions from her father about the consequences, she unfortunately met a sad end. She is now in serious difficulty as a result of the previous one she corrected.

The eye’s pupil was apparently affected by some eyelash glue that accidentally fell into it, causing significant health issues.

“For about two weeks, when we couldn’t set our eyes on her, I went to her room to find out if she was there. I entered the room only to find her crying and complaining that she cannot see with one of her eyes”, Papa Yaw brother of Mame Esi revealed.

Maame Esi allegedly said that the adhesive wouldn’t have an impact on her vision, according to Paa Yaw.

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