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“Phyna & ChiChi Will Be Shocked When I Win This Show”- Bbnaija Chomzy Tells Bella (VIDEO)



"Phyna & ChiChi Will Be Shocked When I Win This Show"- Bbnaija Chomzy Tells Bella (VIDEO)

Bbnaija level up housemate, Chomzy and her team members, Bella  Groovy ,Hermes and Rachael won the Lush Hair task today. This stirred up some emotions in the house……….   READ FULL ARTICLE

Housemates, Phyna and ChiChi were obviously upset, they also complained about Chomzy and Bella trying to rub the loss on their faces. Chomzy and Bella noticed they were angry, and had a little chat

The conversation between Chomzy & Bella:

Chomzy: They we’re dumbfounded when they saw us in level 3 house.

Phyna’s mouth was wide open, she was not happy to see us… it’s none of my business, it’s big brother that wants me to stay

Bella: That means if I stay this weekend they can kill me o

Chomzy: What if I now win the show

"Phyna & ChiChi Will Be Sh0cked When I Win This Show"- Bbnaija Chomzy Tells Bella (VIDEO)

Yesterday, after the bbnaija level up housemates finished watching movie upstairs, they (Sheggz, Phyna, Chomzy, ChiChi, Eloswag & Groovy) decided to discuss about some of the controversial situations in the house.

Chomzy used the opportunity to find out from Phyna why she decided to date Groovy when her Amaka indicated interest earlier.

Chomzy’s words:

“Get him for your friend but you slept on his bed” 

In response, Phyna stated that there’s a way a lady will be free with a guy & they can share a bed.


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