Photos of a Nigerian husband and bride storming a wedding celebration in Keke convoy astound many

Nigerian groom & bride storm wedding reception in Keke convoy, photos stun many

A Nigerian couple created a scene after showing up to their wedding reception in a convoy of Keke Napeps otherwise known as tricycles.

The groom named Nniodo, a legislative council leader who hails from Enugu, shared pictures from their church wedding on Facebook, revealing that it took place on Thursday, December 29.

Why they used tricycles

Nniodo explained that they intended to ‘catch cruise’ by using tricycles as a means of transportation to their wedding reception.

He said that people couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw them in the tricycles.

“…Riding in our Keke to the reception venue we created lots of scene for people to watch, they just couldn’t believe that the Leader of the council couldn’t afford a Lamborghini and was riding in a Keke truck,” he wrote via Facebook.

He prayed for their union to continue to be fun and lovely.

Social media reactions

Liberate Destiny said:

“That’s awesome bro!

“Congratulation to you brotherly and May God bless your union forever Amen congratulations.”

Victor Noble said:

“See content oo, so no be only nollywood this kind wedding dey apn in this form…..imerie.

“Congratulations man, may God bless your wonderful home.”

Joseph Mary said:


“Big congratulations bro, may this smiles and joy be made permanent in your home.

“Congratulations once again!

“Life na pure cruise my dear!”

Amb Gabriel U Odi said:

“Congratulations to you and your significant other.

“May God continually bless your home.”

DWilliams Uchenna said:

“Congratulations Bro. May God bless your home. I couldn’t make it due to my health. I’m down with Cold and cough.”

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