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Peel Dream Magazine – Hiding Out 「Audio」



Peel Dream Magazine – Hiding Out 「Audio」

Peel Dream Magazine – Hiding Out  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

In a couple weeks, Peel Dream Magazine are releasing a new full-length album, Pad, the follow-up to the Brooklyn band’s excellent 2020 album Agitprop Alterna.

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We’ve heard “Pictionary” and the title track from it so far, and today they’re back with one more, the dreamy and alluring “Hiding Out,” which comes with a video of the band trying to surf at the beach. Peel Dream Magazine are also announcing a tour for the fall, opening up for Beach Fossils on select dates. Here’s what the band’s Joseph Stevens had to say about the video for the track:

I’m originally from New York and I’d never surfed before, but I’ve met quite a few surfers here in LA and it has an obvious mystique. I asked my friend Leon if he had an extra board and if he would take me to one of his spots in Malibu, and we managed to rope our friend Bryce into filming it. I thought it would be funny to do the anti-surfing video, where all I do is fall over and over again, and I think we achieved that. You see the raw beauty of the landscape and the incredible vibes that were felt that day. There’s an obvious Beach Boys connection there too — when I think of my favorite album ‘Friends,’ this song and video channel that energy. Pure, but a little twisted. The song is about needing space, and funny enough, all of the lyrics are about me walking around Queens during quarantine. Calvary is a cemetery in Woodside that I would walk to regularly (“They guard the gates at Calvary, a secret place to be”), and I talk about wandering up to the Queensboro Bridge. On the one hand I’m downtrodden, but in the chorus, I enter my own secret world full of magic and color. It’s odd to be singing a song about New York from the cliffs of Malibu, but then again I am hiding aren’t I?

Check it out below.


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