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Parannoul & Asian Glow – Paraglow 「EP」



Parannoul & Asian Glow – Paraglow  album zip file stream not download

Parannoul and Asian Glow are two compelling and ambitious DIY solo recording projects out of Seoul.

Last year both artists contributed to a split EP with São Paulo’s sonhos tomam conta. Today Parannoul and Asian Glow have released another EP together, this time teaming up on music under the name Paraglow.

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Over the course of four tracks, the last of which runs 15 minutes, the duo maps out a vivid and dramatic world of sound, assembled from sounds that feel like punk and prog and pop all at once. (Emo, post-rock, and shoegaze too.)

As you might expect based on their past output, this is epic stuff presented with a scrappy homespun vigor — ideas and emotions spilling over with a rare fearlessness. Enter into the world of Paraglow below.


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