“Na Juju they carry cook the soup?” – People park fancy automobiles such as Bentleys and line to buy fufu (Video)

"Na Juju they carry cook the soup?" - People park fancy automobiles such as Bentleys and line to buy fufu (Video)

A man by the handle @mr.korkorte posted a video of a fufu restaurant that attracts people from all over. The cuisine must be good, according to many.

In a video he posted on TikTok, he captured posh automobiles like Bentleys being parked alongside diners looking to purchase their shares of the dinner.

The structure of the restaurant is similar to the well-known wooden building beside the road. The restaurant’s chairs are likewise exquisitely crafted from wood.

Numerous individuals were waiting in line to get fufu while others were busy finishing their lunches at the restaurant. Many enquired as to how they might find the location. It’s in Accra, Ghana, according to the man.

View the video here:

@mr.korkorteSunday Special

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The video has more than 200 comments and 13,000 likes as of the time this post was written.

Nobody said:

“4th fufu video I’m seeing today, is today world fufu day?”

prettypearl1251 said:

“You people should add location errhhh.”
“If hear say this food hungry me wetting be this omg.”
“Continue the hard work! You are doing great.”

mzz_boss_ said:

“The most affordable fufu joint so far.”
“I would try. The base looks good.”

Dudumayana wondered:

“Fufu base abi Ritualist base.”

Hairby_matib said:

“Ghana food..it looks like it’s uncooked, but sure tastes good.”

motunrayo1824 asked:

“Is it in Lagos please?”

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