“My Husband is too innocent for this” – Nigerian Lady cautions family Doctor who impregnated her 4 times (Video)

"My Husband is too innocent for this" - Lady cautions family Doctor who impregnated her 4 times (Watch leaked Video)

A married woman and her family doctor got into a heated argument about a crucial paternity problem.

Since their marriage, the husband of the aforementioned woman has been unable to get his wife pregnant, and as expected, they have visited multiple hospitals for check-ups to ensure everything is well. However, everything changed when their fictitious family doctor discovered the man was impotent and kept it from him.

The family physician clearly had his eye on the patient’s alleged wife, so he chose to break the bad news to her in order to draw her to his bed.

Given that her spouse was unable to get her to become pregnant, it was clear why the lady was drawn to his attractions. She continued to have three children for the family doctor after having multiple affairs with him.

The woman’s alleged husband had three children and didn’t realize they belonged to the family doctor.

When the wife became pregnant for the fourth time, the situation collapsed. She began feeling sorry for her husband, claiming he was too innocent to be involved in their bad deeds.

She advised the family doctor to cease coming to her marital home to sleep with her, and instead to choose a hotel or his residence, so she would feel less guilty.

The doctor, who grew quite upset because of her caution, threatened to reveal her to her husband, but the woman retorted that if he tried to expose her, he would lose his professional license.


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