“My Ex-boyfriend’s father is my current boyfriend” – Nigerian slay queen proudly declares (Watch Video)

"My Ex-boyfriend's father is my current boyfriend" - Nigerian slay queen proudly declares (Watch Video)

In a relationship, a lot of things might occur that can be deemed “nasty.” Infidelity, verbal or physical abuse, or emotional manipulation are a few instances. These kinds of actions may really hurt a relationship and bring about a lot of sorrow for both people.

It is crucial to get support and assistance if you are going through any of these things in a relationship. A mental health expert can help you work through your thoughts and find a way to go ahead in a healthy way. You can also chat to a trusted friend or member of your family.

Being disloyal to a love relationship is referred to as infidelity, cheating, or having an affair. Physical and emotional intimacy with someone other than one’s partner is one way this might manifest itself.

Because it frequently entails a loss of trust and can engender emotions of sorrow, anger, and betrayal, infidelity can be devastating to a relationship. It might be challenging to know how to go and regain trust if you or your partner have cheated.

It’s crucial to be open and honest with each other, to ask for help from friends and family, and to think about going to counseling or therapy in order to work through the pain and help your relationship recover.

A woman who began dating the father of her ex-boyfriend was the subject of this instance.

Watch the video below:


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