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“My daddy’s money makes me chubby”: Mother shares video of cute kid, many react



"My daddy's money makes me chubby": Mother shares video of cute kid, many react

video of a very chubby kid looking cute as she she stood on her feet has got many reactions online…….   READ FULL ARTICLE

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The baby’s account which is managed by her parent posted the clip with the caption:

“My daddy’s money makes me look chubby. Rate or hate.”

Mixed reactions trail chubby baby’s video

Many people had mixed reactions to the video of the baby. While some wondered if she is not too fat for the sake of her health, there were those who admired the baby’s chubbiness.

Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 4000 comments with more than 80,000 likes. compiled some of the reactions below:

classicbella51 said:

“She is beautiful but plss take her to hospital for proper check up.”

user8199482434749 said:

“omo I love chubby babies but this is too much….e just be like her cheek wan burst.”

“You love chubby babies ba, until e reach wey be say nobody wan dy carry am.”


“I don’t know what to say! My feelings are mixed. This can be a good thing and also not. But to be sure, kindly take her for check up. She is pretty.”

patra_donna said:

“Lol make she reduce on how she chop the money pls, she’s cute.”

I_am_Bhukey said:

“I love chubby babies is just that she’ll reduce when she start walking and growing teeths.”

Baby picks a fine bag

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a TikTok video showed a kid ‘running away’ after she picked what she really liked in a boutique. Before making for the door, she examined some cute bags and picked one.

Immediately the baby saw that it fitted well, she started moving fast towards the door. Her mother shouted for her to come back.

The kid just kept moving with her new bag. Her mother had to drag her back to take the bag from her. It was such a funny sight.

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