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MP3: Ari Lennox – Boy Bye Feat. Lucky Daye



Ari Lennox - Boy Bye Feat. Lucky Daye

Ari Lennox – Boy Bye Feat. Lucky Daye  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

[Intro: Lucky Daye & Ari Lennox]
It’s sweet like mangoes
Sweet like mangoes, huh?
You so fuckin’ fake
(I’ma go and get that [?] that you [?])
Say it with you chest, say what you mean, stop playin’ with me
I’m not playin’, see, that’s the problem, like
I ain’t playin’ either, shit
That’s, that’s the problem like
But I’m not hearin’ the fucked up shit you sayin’, but

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[Verse 1: Ari Lennox & Lucky Daye]
Talkin’ all that shit, where your girl at? (Pssh)
You are way too fine, to be alone (Why, thank you, thank you, I appreciate that)
Girl, with all that ass and no one behind it, oh
I’m just wonderin’ if I can walk you home (Home, home)

[Chorus: Ari Lennox & Lucky Daye]
Boy, bye
Thinkin’ you gon’ come inside
Boy, bye
Not tonight
Woah, now
Can’t say it ain’t worth a try
It feels right
I’m tryna make you mine, oh

[Interlude: Lucky Daye & Ari Lennox]
Shit, girl, give mе your number, let me follow you or somеthin’ (Yeah)
I actually got a man, yeah
Uh, really? (Mmm)
You playin’? (Nah, I’m good)
That’s cap, come on (Oop, my phone just died)
Okay, okay, I get it

[Verse 2: Ari Lennox & Lucky Daye]
Talkin’ all that shit, where your ride at?
‘Cause I got someone waitin’ upstairs
Girl, you fuckin’ lyin’, I ain’t talkin’ Cujo, hey
Why don’t you let me inside so I can take you there? Oh
Those lines belong in 1995 (Oh)
Just like them funky Nikes (Ooh)
Girl, why you got me workin’ from 9 to 5? (Hey)
With those wrong socks
Them toes just bussin’ out them slides, ba-da-da (Yo)
[Interlude: Lucky Daye & Ari Lennox]
You ain’t think I saw that
Shut up, I forgot my Dr. Scholl’s
Dr. No (Fuck you)
Nah, it’s cool, I’m joshin’, I’m joshin’
I fuck with you, like, mmm, what’s up?

[Bridge: Both, Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye]
Ooh, I don’t know you
True, I like you (I do)
Ooh, I don’t know you (I don’t know)
True, I like you (I like you, baby)

[Verse 3: Ari Lennox & Lucky Daye]
I know you’re playin’ with me (I know)
I know you’ve been hangin’ with (No, no)
Casey, Georgette, and Judy (Yeah)
I don’t know who you think you are foolin’
Not me, stop playin’ with my top, mmm

[Verse 4: Lucky Daye & Ari Lennox]
I know you think that I’m shady
I want you to be my baby
Sunsets, big daydreamin’, baby
Girl, I think of you on the daily
She said that I look better with her eyes closed
I said, “Be careful where you walk, baby, there’s potholes”
Touch is soft like shea butter, cocoa melanin color (Ooh)
Go crazy when we cut up, only think that I know (Uh, uh-huh, uh-huh)

[Outro: Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye, Both]
You a secret rapper?
Huh? (Oh, no)
I don’t date those so…
A secret rapper? I mean, I’m rappin’ too, you know, but, like (Oh, no)
Man, come on now (No)
I can’t just talk to you? Like, let me open up, I’m [?] shit (No-no, no-no)
Boy, hush (Come on)
You probably ain’t never had real love before
Uh, no, like, that’s a thing, like, I have
And that’s why I can tell this is givin’ you fraudulent, it’s givin’ fickle
I don’t even go to other spots but over here, baby, like, I’m tryna fuck on some fresh shit, you feel me?
There’s no projection, I just can tell by your erection that (Mmm)
This is shady
Well, I ain’t gon’ pass on that ass, you know what I’m sayin’? I’ma hit the gas (Ooh, ooh)
That was nice (You know what I mean?)
Man, it was like, hahaha
That was really lame, like
My angel, angel (Okay)
And I love all your angles, angles

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