Moment boy’s clothe caught fire during deliverance in church (Watch video)

Moment boy's clothe caught fire during deliverance in church (Watch video)

A deliverance session got tumultuous following what the participants believed to be a miracle in progress, as shown in a video that just leaked online.

In front of the congregation, the pastor was praying for a youngster and his mother when his clothing caught fire.

The kid responded in anguish as something punctured his hand while his mother and son were on their feet. The woman’s clothing did, however, initially catch fire at some time, and someone quickly put it out.

Soon after, the child jolted backwards as if something had hit him or gotten inside of his clothing; at that point, his shirt caught fire, and bystanders screamed for assistance and attempted to douse the flames.

Churchgoers presumably believed it to be a sign from God that their prayers were being heard, but internet users pointed out that a closer look at the footage shows that a laser was really being used to start the fire.

Watch the video below:

dadashnami; Someone pointed a laser at him to start a fire. The laser hit his hand and burnt him first, it’s a trick some churches use for “Holy Ghost fire” effect. Some pastors will put gegemu in holy water for you to drink for “speaking in tongues”.

obbi.a; They used laser to ignite the flames, if you look closely you will see when it hits his hand then to her dress. A shameful stunt.

ayoshonaiya; Spontaneous Human Combustion or SHC. Very rare, but it does happen. Google it.

nathanjay___; This is how religion puts fear in people and then scared people get trapped in it. Watch clearly and see that laser technology was used to ignite the fire… Make Una well-done oh 👏🔥🔥

pablo_mobito; It’s obvious they use heat beam to ignite his shirt, cheap signs and wonders

savagelomo00; Y’all are slow 😂. Church is a scam, some one pointed a laser on bruh n hin mama! But boommm y’all think is miracle. Awon omugo 😂

robin_80330; The man on white do blood money nd them tell am say make him no ever step him leg for inside church but unfortunately for him his wife forced him to church then the evil come pinch am and set am on fire

deejaykukilion; It’s lasers. And both the woman and the boy are wearing High flammable Perfumes. Someone is with Laser. The woman caught the fire first the. The boy.

herr_own_path; Anyone heard of laser pointers before? 😂😂😂😂 it first hit his hands and then his stomach. Laser pointers can be used to start up fire. These people be deceiving people.

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