Mixed reactions as Nigerian Singer Omah Lay bows to a masquerade in a new song video; “It’s deeper than we think” (Watch)

Mixed responses as singer Omah Lay bows to a masquerade in a new song video; "It's deeper than we think" (watch)

Omah Lay, a renowned stage name for Nigerian artist Stanley Omah Didia, has generated discussion with his recently released music video for the song “Soso.”

The 25-year-old singer debuted the music video for “Soso” from his most recent album, “Boy Alone,” on December 1. He recently disclosed his struggle with depression.

Recall that in July 2022, he published a body of writing in which he detailed his battles with fear, poor self-esteem, and other concerns.

Omah Lay bows

Omah Lay can be seen bending down to a masquerade in several portions of the song video, which has made quite a commotion on social media. This gave the appearance that he was worshiping the masquerade.

The phrase “Soso take my anguish away” in the song’s lyrics has prompted to supposition that the singer was pleading with the disguise, who is likely called “Soso,” to ease his suffering.

Omah Lay bows

The video has drawn a flood of criticism from Nigerians on social media, even though it’s unclear what Omah Lay was intending to portray in it.

Some defended his right to worship any deity they choose, while others chastised him for worshiping a fictitious deity.

See a few responses below.

An IG user @b.e.t.a_a wrote, “I watched that video and the lyrics relates are deeper than what most here would understand. He did took me to feel where he was coming from in that piece and all I said is everyone carry your cross ✝️

@jemsi77 wrote, “Damn you sold your soul… I’m crying for you smh… you are my kids favorite … you are from Africa you don’t need to do what America is doing for fame …you really don’t…once I saw the video with Bieber I knew you was gonna get caught up in this bullshit…can Africa stay pure? Please don’t do this illuminate shit 🙏 please.. Africa music is holy not demonic … is soothing … don’t tinted… smfh”

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