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Meet Yul Edochie’s first child all grown-up at 16 (Photos)



Meet Yul Edochie's first child all grown-up at 16 (Photos)

Daniela Chidubem Edochie is the first child and also the first daughter of Nigeria popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie…….   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Yul Edochie is a polician, a script writer, a movie director, a song writer a brand influencer and also a social media influencer, who has bagged so many awards and he is also an ambassador for so many companies which pays him to advertise their products.

Yul Edochie, The father of Chidubem Daniella Edochie, is the son of Nollywood veteran Actor. Pete Edochie. who went into acting at a very tender age in the 1970s and has also paved way for so many other actors including his son “Yul Edochie”.

Danielle Chidubem Edochie is a teenage girl of 16, who’s beautiful has left alot of people astonished as they state at her Photos and appreciate God for such a natural beauty he created and brought to Earth through thier Edochie’s Lineage.

Daniella Edochie is the first issue of Yul Edochie and his beautiful wife. Her father has impacted alot of lives through his movies and he is known to be outspoken and always speaking up for the truth always and whenever he finds himself.

Yul Edochie has been featured in so many pictures and videos with his beautiful daughter, which he usually proudly posts her Photos on his official Instagram handle.

He is very proud of his young precious daughter and loves her so much. this is because, it is a thing of Joy to be a father at a very young age and to such a pretty maiden.

Apart from being extremely good looking. she also has the height of a run way model and according to her father in some videos, she has been able to represent her school in so many competition ls during her high school education, where she came out victorious. This shows that she carries the brain of her grandfather “Pete Edochie” and her father “Yul Edochie” who are known as wise men in this century and who most men look up to them for councels.

Daniella also exibit the features of a good wife material, she has made several videos, and posted decent photos of herself her fans know that she has plans to go into the movie industry soon in the nearest future. It is surprising that despite being beautiful, she has a high self esteem and dresses decently unlike many young teenagers who are famous.

Beautiful Daniella also knows how to slay like a princess, but yet she always righteously and has a decent taste for fashion as she has been seen rocking long dresses so not to expose her vital body parts.

She also has collections of many fashionable outfits, While many young men are all over her social media accounts admiring her, and some went ahead to publicly seek for her hand in marriage, and for friendship.

Daniela Edochie is someone which very parents would want to be a role model to their teenage daughters. And would love their ward to imitate her godly lifestyle, as she is a good role model to young girls and portrays a disciplined behavior. this shows that her parents raised her up very well.

See photos of beautiful Daniella Chidubem Edochie

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