Meet 13-year-old Nigerian Tech Genius, Emmanuella Mayaki Who Gains University Admission in America

Meet 13-year-old Nigerian Tech Genius, Emmanuella Mayaki Who Gains University Admission in America

Emmanuella Mayaki, a 13-year-old computing prodigy from Nigeria, has broken a record by becoming one of the youngest students ever admitted to a US university.

Emmanuella, who is of Nigerian descent and was born in the United Kingdom, was accepted into Mary Baldwin University’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG), one of the best institutions in the United States. Emmanuella will study Computer Science, a program she has always fascinated about.

“Dear Emmanuella, congratulations on your admittance to the Programme for the Exceptionally Gifted(PEG) at Mary Baldwin University! “, says the letter of admission the school sent her. the PEG class of 2026, welcome.

Emmanuella first showed an interest in computers at the age of 7, when she began studying the fundamentals of desktop publishing programs like Microsoft Words, Excel, PowerPoint, and Corel Draw.

As a GenZ, Emmanuella took advantage of the various free courses given by online learning sites like SoloLearn and Udemy where she got significant expertise on computer programming languages. She has certificates in HTML basics, PHP tutorials, CSS basics, SQL basics, JavaScript tutorials, JQuery tutorials, Logic Building, Python, and Java programming. She also has certificates in a number of other subjects, including Logic Building, Python, and Java programming.

When Emmanuella was just 11 years old and had a passion for computers, she founded an ICT Academy for girls in Abuja, Nigeria. Her mission is to reduce the digital literacy gap between boys and girls in Nigeria by empowering young girls between the ages of 6 and 15 to learn digital skills. She gave the IT Academy the moniker “CodeKid.” Young girls may learn anything from fundamental computer skills like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to more difficult ones like creating websites with WordPress, designing graphics, and using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, and Java at CodeKid.

The teenage IT prodigy had always been a person who shared knowledge. Before turning eleven, she had already begun instructing her friends in computer basics. Her first teaching position was originally provided by the Southfields Primary School in Coventry, England where she teaches ICT skills.

She was proposed to be a part of the Women’s History Month Experience in Microsoft’s Legacy Project Virtual Museum in 2021. She was recognized as one of the UK’s most significant and ground-breaking female change-makers in that same year. All of this occurred in the year 2021, and as if that weren’t enough, Emmanuella was highlighted for International Women’s Day in CBBC’s My Life series.

Data Science Nigeria made the decision to invite the young computer prodigy as a speaker for their interactive workshop for children and teenagers in Nigeria after reading the amazing tale of Emmanuella. She was selected as a STEM icon in May 2022 by STEM Kids New York City in the United States of America.

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