Meet 12 Real Human Beings That Look Like Cartoon Characters (Video)

Meet 12 Real Human Beings That Look Like Cartoon Characters (Video)

Everyone enjoys idolizing their preferred actors or figures. Whether they are genuine or not, we find it easy to relate to them. However, in a few extremely rare instances, some very fortunate individuals genuinely resemble certain traits of their favorite personalities! Even some people may believe they resemble certain cartoon characters. We’re counting down 12 people who resemble cartoon characters, starting with the actual Rapunzel and ending with Ariel.

When Anna Faith Carlson saw her likeness to Queen Elsa in 2013 after viewing the animated film, she must have had “Frozen” in her boots. The Elsa lookalike went viral online after she shared an Instagram photo of herself posing next to an Elsa cardboard replica. When everything began to happen, the adolescent had gone to attend the movie.

Everyone noticed the resemblance as she posed with a cardboard cutout at the mall. Carlson has been acting since she was in the second grade, but now that others have noticed how much she looks like Elsa, she is dressing up as the character to cheer up cancer patients and entertain kids. In the original Grimm Brothers fairytale, Rapunzel was imprisoned in a tower. It should go without saying that hair will be really long if you’re locked within a tower because you don’t actually have access to a hairdresser.

Daria Gubanova, a stunning Russian beauty, with incredible, thick, golden hair that now reaches almost to her legs. The 31-year-old, who resides in Barnaul in the Altai Krai area of south-central Russia, also claims that she won’t cut her spectacular mane until it reaches her toes.

When a buddy bet Daria that she couldn’t grow her hair long enough to braid it, Daria started growing her hair 14 years ago. She gave up going to the salon and allowed her hair grow naturally.

She is now referred to be a modern-day Rapunzel because of her stunning appearance. Daria, who has more than 218k social media followers, calculated that the length of her hair is 1.5 meters, or about six feet. She has also attracted a large following of fans who want to emulate her.

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