Man travellling with wife forgets her on the road by 3am as she came out to pee

Man travellling with wife forgets her on the road by 3am as she came out to pee

A 55-year-old man mistakenly left his wife in the middle of nowhere when they were travelling for the New Year holiday.

The husband named Boontom Chaimoon was the one behind the wheel when he suddenly said he wanted to stop and pee.

When Boontom went away to pee, his wife, Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, also came down from the car to ease herself.

Thai man leaves wife on the road

Her husband has claimed he had no idea that she came down from the car as it was in the dark around 3am.

When the wife returned from her pee break, she found out that her husband had left her behind.

The Thai couple were headed for Maha Sarakham Province where they wanted to spend the New Year when the incident happened.

I thought she was in the backseat sleeping

Shockingly, Boontom did not notice his wife’s absence from the car until he had driven all the way to Korat province which is some 159.6km from where they made the pee stop.

By then, his wife had walked 20km seeking for help until she reached a police station.

It was difficult to reach her husband because she could not remember his phone number and also, her own phone was in the car.

The police managed to reach a relative who called her husband. It was only then that he realised his folly and started driving back to pick up his wife.

New York Post reports that Boontom apologised to his wife profusely, saying he thought she was sleeping in the backseat all the while.

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