Man in tears as hidden camera captures his girlfriend cheating with rich guy (Watch video)

Man in tears as hidden camera captures girlfriend cheating with rich guy (Watch video)

A program that revealed a young man’s fiancée had chosen a wealthy man over him left him completely devastated.

He used actors and private investigators to find out if his lady would leave him for a more wealthy man, and the outcome devastated his heart.

One of the players played a wealthy man who lavished her with gifts and treated her to a life of luxury in an effort to win her over.

She informed the man on a fateful day that she would be prepared to break up with her boyfriend for him in front of hidden cameras that were placed in the home she lives with her boyfriend.

The wealthy man then offered to reserve a hotel for them so they could go out and have a good time.

Although he has done a lot for her, her boyfriend, who was watching the scenario from another room, felt distraught because he found it difficult to believe she would treat him that way.

In a video that has gone viral online, the boyfriend declared the split and threatened to eject her from his home so she could move in with the wealthy man.

In order to calm his anxieties, the depressed boyfriend took a break and went outside to smoke. When he returned, he declared that he wanted to enter the room where his girl was with the wealthy man so that she would realize that he knew everything.

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