Man gives girlfriend $100 as well as an iPhone 13 Pro Max for Christmas (Video)

Man gives girlfriend $100 as well as an iPhone 13 Pro Max for Christmas (Video)

A man presented his girlfriend with two gorgeous gifts after they completed a TikTok challenge together, making her feel ecstatic.

Even though he made her pick, he handed his sweetheart an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a $100 note as early Christmas presents.

Writing two separate exceptional products or enjoyable activities on a stick-it note and asking your spouse to choose one of them while the front of the note is hidden from them constitutes the challenge.

He put $100 on one note and an iPhone 13 Pro Max on the other in a video that has gone viral online before asking her to choose.

She almost chose the iPhone 13, but her guy insisted on the other and urged her to make a good decision. As a result, she chose the other. She was thrilled as she took out the letter with the $100 printed on it.

He then gave her a $100 note, but as he revealed the second piece of paper, she suddenly had a different look on her face as she realized it was an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

For the girl’s benefit, her boyfriend had previously purchased the smartphone; as a result, he took it out and presented it to her in addition to the $100 she had already been given.

He lost control of the phone when she seized it with such vigor and passion.

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