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‘Mama was a text message to my ex, but she didn’t take me back”: Kizz Daniel reveals in an interview (Watch Video)



'Mama was a text message to my ex, but she didn't take me back": Kizz Daniel reveals in an interview (Watch Video)

For musicians, including Kizz, several sources serve as their sources of inspiration Daniel has disclosed the source of the song that became his massive hit, “Mama,” from far back.

He said that Mama was a text he sent to his broken-hearted ex, pleading with her to reconsider their relationship.

As his ex did not contact him again, the song did not help the singer’s situation.

The Odo singer continued that everything is OK because the aforementioned ex is now married and has children after making his confession while laughing.

In addition, the two-time father steadfastly declined to say what he did to drive his ex away.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to Kizz Daniel’s confession


“Yeah it happens I love the fact that he said the truth yes we do mess up we are human like those ladies who do mess up as well don’t expect us to be perfect “


“Who be this x wey no like kizz daniell? She didn’t come back cos she was married not cos she didn’t like u.”


“Shepe one girl somewhere gave our Kizz breakfast like this? Wawwu .”

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