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Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — WHOOAMEYE II



Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIDNESS


[Verse 1: JUNE!]
I been parrying with gods with this rap shit
Couldn’t tell me nonelacking practice
Couldn’t come close just a tadbit
I admit I been straggling
Talking shit to the masses
My name be JUNE!
I came from dirt, ducking traffic
Moving past sense nigga
No bragging
I done walked with death plenty
Don’t drag it
Caressing my depression well
Toking my last spliff
I been down on my luck
I got to grind to get past it
I hold the weight heavy on sleeve
Every verse here indeed
I been here to give the people relief
As the Sun paving way to my peace nigga

[Verse 2: Johnny Storm]
Rеd velvet, silky robes
Wе Indigos
Might be the realest shit I’ve ever wrote
The stars aligning
It’s perfect timing
The storm comes after June
The Nine turn to the Noon
The UNC, the IND
Better be careful how you speak bout it
Throw me in the wild
I’ll fuck around and make a [?] out it
Carhatt fleeces with Asic sneakers
The MAC-10 came with Halo features
Infinity clip, we overkill
The bullets look like Holyfield
Hit like Tyson in the first round
‘Nother man down
But God forgive ‘em
For they who not know who they deal with
It’s the real

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