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Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — TIME II



Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIDNESS

JUNE! & pis.i — TIME II

[Verse 1: JUNE!]
Bore through time just to hold truth tight
I been on the grind stripping way from the plight
Half baked dreams talking nice to a nigga
How the light looking?
Sun shine on a nigga
Vice got ‘em booking
Freedom closer than heaven
I been caressing mad blessing
Pain stressing less
Got ya pride two stepping
My power, my weapon
Checking for the godmind
Nigga no question
Not for a second
Im flexing shit
Get back or you gon be pissed

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[Verse 2: Jay Nabi]
I see how you look in my eyes and try to lie nigga
I see you sheeps wearing the wolf in disguise nigga (Pussies)
I multiply every sign that show itself in my life
It’s really timе
I talk to sky, it was grass for you niggas
Y’all gotta die
Don’t ask me why
Like why I try with you niggas?
It’s truе, I really see the god in you niggas
That’s word to Pete
We give it free
Gotta survive
Gotta serve mine hot and ready
I’ll simply stop on a dime
Like I’m Kawhi, I’m getting high
On my Vince Carter, I go harder nigga
The apex predator bout to tear off the heads of these niggas
And nah, I ain’t scared of you niggas
I’m well prepared for you niggas
A step ahead cuz I’m much more aware than you niggas
Nah I ain’t finna play fair with you niggas
It’s in the air with you niggas, for real

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