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Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — CIVIC



Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIDNESS

JUNE! & pis.i — CIVIC

[Hook: JUNE!]
I done tried many times
Putting pain in these rhymes
I done tried many times nigga
Putting pain in these rhymes

[Verse 1: JUNE!]
Cutting ties plenty
Don’t convince me to change shit
I came to grip with this as a jit
I had to miss the bliss of being a kid
Now I’m watching my baby grow as Isit
Off a spliff
Talking game with Jah and FLLS, on some hip hop shit
I’m on my OG tip
Nigga you can’t miss this
I had to make it work for 10, off rip
Contemplating closing curtain many time
But I be back again, flexing shine
Come again with the mess
Come again with the stress
You becoming a pest
Nigga go get a check
Oh yeah you heard me correct
IND barring heavy, we blessed
Til the end as I carry all this weight within chest

[Hook: JUNE! & Mary Sue]
I done tried many times
I done tried many times
I done tried many times
Putting pain in these

[Verse 2: Mary Sue]
I guess I’m trying then I’ll try again
In this dimmer lighting
All this guidance has more value than a couple friends
Prepping from the rumbling, stepping where the rubble is
Watch out where you goin’, cuz I’ve fallen in a couple pits
Picking crystal from debris, I’ve been rummaging
Sticking to the trouble since
Yet my heart so brittle, so the dosage I’ve been doubling
Smoking like a supplement
I’ve been lacking vitamins
And my patience being tested like the sciences
Self pity be infectious like the viruses

Y’all are so fuckin’ good at acting bro
I’m done
Absolutely done
If the shoe fit, then you bruised nigga

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