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Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIG BET



Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIDNESS

JUNE! & pis.i — BIG BET

[Intro: JUNE!]
We outside with it nigga
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[Verse: JUNE!]
I fantasize my understanding free to bless
No stress
Steady riding
No guises
My guy gave me light with this piece
What’s the price to believe?
Done conceived hella consequences
My conscious hitting dead on you
Profusely wizened to the core
10 years still running, this’ll never bore
Out in New York flourishing
Coursing through my veins my holiness
Allah I’m thankful
This tranquility missing me by the second
Caressing my queen, imprеssive
I live to correct thе mistakes
Of ancestors
Rafi told me that we need a change
With this pain that should happen
IND never lacking
All this passive capping that I peep
You couldn’t fuck with me
Every care I have is obsolete
I’m the nice guy tho
We been on a roll
We blessing the soul
I got my eye on living the most
I’ll never die
Pride’s empty ultimatum refusing to coincide
With my dream to release god mind
God body in prime
Fuck what you heard
This be our time
Living happy til the pine
Nighteye smiling
Vice beguiling the kids
Ask Jared, it just doesn’t make sense
Had to heavy come through with this pen
Yeah you know how it is
Streets screaming big bet
Nig you know how we live

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