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Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIG 4!



Lyrics: JUNE! & pis.i — BIDNESS

JUNE! & pis.i — BIG 4!

[Verse: JUNE!]
One time
Primetime hittin’
Make difference nigga
I’m that nigga from Everest
Pick up the phone nigga
Realize this shit was needed
Full pieces
Completed soul
Took hold of my hope to save sense
Broke ends
Back from the bend
Get my pops out the pen
You pussymistic niggas scared you can’t play pretend
You a man?
Feel the might, Allah hand
Prolonging passive reminders for my conscience to clear
These rеpairs put some wear on my heart
Had to rеtain my good mark
Playing smart as I swim with the sharks
I saw a man get his soul ripped apart
Bark up the wrong tree
Take heed
We got a long way to go
Nigga just breathe
That dramatic shit a no
Progressing with every flow
I know I told you before
We blinded by all the smoke
My prayers sent as I toke
Big 4!
Big 4!

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