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Lyrics: 44 Bird — God Let Me See the Light



Lyrics: 44 Bird — Grab My Gatt

44 Bird — God Let Me See the Light

God let me see the light
I’m just tryna live my life
I wake up every night
With myself I got a fight
I’m just tryna live my life
I’m just tryna get things right
All my foes they tryna bite
And that pussy is so tight
And I’m in it every night

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[Verse 1]
No bands no ice
Big booty no tights
Bitch I’m ballin’ like I’m Mike
Like a GD in a fight
I’ma fuck it up aight
Fireball no ice goin at it all night
Got a booty in my sight
Bitch I’m fly like a kite
I’ma fuck it up aight
Ball like I’m Derrick Rose
Seven one to the four and I’m bangin’ on yo door
Big brands on my clothes
Big bands on my hoe
Gonna take her to the store
Cuz tomorrow ain’t fosho
Bros killin’ bros, why this game gotta be so cold
Dior on my scarf
Y’all boys disgusting, you making me barf
This game was riggеd from the start
This shit will destroy your heart
I’m out hеre playing my part
I can’t get smoked like a cart
I put the grind in my art
You ain’t been grindin’ on shit
Looks like you turned to a bitch
I didn’t think you’d ever switch
I even taught you how to spit
But you sold your soul for a whip
Claiming you Blood and a Crip

Man, they changin’ teams in this bitch too much man

[Verse 2]
I think I’ma dip
Cruisin’ the whip
Bayless like Skip
Feel like I’m Greedo, I shoot from the hip
What the fuck happened, well I ain’t heard shit
I’m on my grind for the Lord
I’m on my grind for my bitch
I’m on my grind for my wrist
Yeah I heard one of your songs
Then my ears bleed from the pitch
Claiming you already rich
Tell the truth you are a snitch
If you diss me that is it
I’ll put your name out to the list
I’m scoring but got more assists
I need me that beautiful bitch
I know I’m fuckin’ with her
I know she fuckin’ with me
How the fuck she look so clean
Lately I feel like a king
I swear this shit is a dream
Success for all of the team
You know it when you see the ring
Told her this shit was a fling
She pointed a gun with the beam
So I smashed and then fled the scene
John let me borrow the beam

God let me stay alive
I wake up every night
With myself I got a fight
I’m just tryna live my life

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