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Lyrics: 44 Bird — Faith (Wraith)



Lyrics: 44 Bird — Grab My Gatt

44 Bird — Faith (Wraith)

[Verse 1]
I just beat up the pot you know that I’m mixin’
I’m shooting like Kobe and I’m never missin’
They wanted me dead I have them all wishin’
I reload the strap and shoot oppositions
These pussies all cap they Hillary Clinton
I’m casting the spell like I’m a magician
Her pussy so tight I call her vagician
I’m making her scream you know that I’m vicious
I stay in the trap I’m doing the dishes
Im gulping the wok that shit is delicious
Just me and the boys we looking suspicious
Give my life for the lord yeah that is the mission
Im saying the grace and she give me faiths
I’m hittin’ the Stiiizy and hop in the wraith
I stare at the stars I’m on a vacay
Bitch I am the goat you need to make way
I founded R.U. I’m pavin’ the way
I’m mixing the wok with the Minute Maid
It’s me and the homies and we gettin’ laid
I hop in the Uber and go to L.A

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I got black and yellow diamonds too sick
She said she riding on my dick, so quick
I’m grabbing on her ass, too thick (I’m nasty, yuh)

[Verse 2]
Feel like I’m the joker I just be laughing at the sick shit
When I was thirteen I had my motherfuckin’ wrist slit
Now I gotta bitch that you probably wanna fuck with
Pop another thirty and I’m hopping in the moshpit
Why you pull up always acting like you tough shit
Higher than a kite with my gang know we run shit
You can have my number but don’t hit me on no dumb shit
With Remember Us and you know we fuckin’ dumb lit
Really off these drugs, VLONE
Bitch fuckin’ leave me ‘lone
This is my game now where’s my throne

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