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Leggy – Lipstick On The Mic 「Audio」



Leggy – Lipstick On The Mic 「Audio」

Leggy – Lipstick On The Mic  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

The Cincinnati indie band Leggy’s 2019 full-length Let Me Know Your Moon inspired my colleague James Rettig to declare, “This album fucking rocks!”

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Today they’re back with their first new song since then, a woozy mid-fi rocker called “Lipstick On The Mic” that might have you swinging your hips and/or bobbing your head.

The opening lyrics are mighty compelling: “Hey babe, am I way off? It almost seems like you’ve been down/ I ask a million moms and they all tell me to be strong/ Where do you think love goes when it leaves anyway?/ The hardest part of loving you is the pain.” Even better is the chorus: “Can you do what I do? I left lipstick on the mic for you.”

Listen below.

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