Lady’s wig catches fire as she is dancing with her birthday cake (video)

Lady's wig catches fire as she is dancing with her birthday cake (video)

A woman from Ghana suffered a fire hazard while celebrating her birthday, giving her the shock of her life.

When the woman was dancing with her birthday cake, a viral video showed the moment her wig caught fire. She didn’t notice when the fire began since it originated from the sparklers on her cake.

Friends nearby instantly alerted her to the fire and attempted to put it out. She was fortunate not to suffer any injuries as a result of the collision.

check out the video here;

In other developments, a video of an amusing wedding ceremony incident in which a couple violently kissed before falling to the ground has gone popular online.

The presiding pastor requested that the groom kiss his wife after their vows were exchanged at the altar in the viral social media video.

Immediately after receiving the order, the groom “dived” towards his bride and planted a kiss on her lips. However, she lost her equilibrium as a result of the force he used to reach her, and they both tumbled to the ground.

The groom was unfazed by this and kept on passionately kissing his wife as they were rolling about on the floor in front of their guests.

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