Lady faints as she finds out the man she went to hookup with is her fiance

Lady faints as she finds out the man she went to hookup with is her fiance

A woman was said to have collapsed at a hotel after being caught trying to cheat by a Twitter user.

Josh, who submitted the tale, claimed that the man involved was his senior cousin who desired marriage.

Josh claims that his cousin has been seeing the lady for six months and has now made the decision to get married and have a family.

Josh claimed that his cousin has been pursuing the girl and has given her pricey phones and other gifts.

Man attempts to prove his fiance’s commitment, but she refuses due to N200k

The man claimed he chose to enlist the assistance of another woman in order to test his wife’s faithfulness.

The fiance was approached by the new woman and informed about a hookup that would pay her N200k; she immediately agreed to it.

She would meet her fiance there, which was unfortunate for her. When she arrived at the hotel and saw her lover, she lost her composure and passed out.

She had misled the man by saying she was heading to the market for a quick purchase, which made things worse for her.

Numerous Twitter users have commented on the article.

See the full tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users

@Adeyanjubayomi said:

“Sometimes it’s not about the devil misleading us, some of us are actually the devil’s trainer.”

@itieubong commented:

“The most difficult thing in a man/ woman’s life is choosing a partner.”

@gisthaphy said:

“Hope she didn’t blame the devil afterwards. Your cousin did well.”

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