Lady becomes completely blind after tattooing her eyeballs blue and purple

Lady becomes blind after tattooing her eyeballs blue and purple

Anaya Peterson, an Irish woman, ignored her 7-year-old daughter’s warnings and tattooed her eyes blue and purple, which caused her to go blind.

Mother of five Anaya Peterson was inspired by Australian model Amber Luke, who had her eyelids tattooed a bright blue and then experienced three weeks of blindness.

Despite Luke regaining her sight, it appears that 32-year-old Peterson may permanently lose her sight.

According to the woman’s statement to Kennedy News, an international news outlet, “I was just intending to have one [eye tattoo] at first because I figured if I become blind, at least I’ve got the other eye. I ought to have persisted with that.

“My daughter warned me not to get the tattoo, saying, “What if you go blind?” She had absolutely no interest in it.

The mother, who also has face and a tongue split tattoos, says she now regrets not acting differently.

Despite experiencing headaches and dry eyes as “part of the healing process,” the body modification enthusiast decided to get her left eye dyed purple in December of the same year she had her right eye tattooed blue.

The situation deteriorated in August 2021. She had extremely swollen eyelids one morning when she woke up, as if she had “five rounds with Mike Tyson.” She made the decision to check herself into the hospital as the symptoms grew worse, and there she received intravenous medication for three days while also having a biopsy done on the eye that was giving her trouble.

To be honest, I just wanted to watch [TV] at home, the woman remarked. I even find it difficult to express. It was not pleasant in the least.

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